Friday, February 15, 2008

"At Foster Farms, Fresh and Natural Means Fresh and Natural."

Dirk and I have been trying to get all of the grocery shopping done on Sundays so I don't have to go after work, it just makes life easier. I had this past Monday off (gotta love a teacher's schedule!) so I decided that I would just go on Monday. Well one thing led to another and I didn't have time to go to the grocery store. So there I was after an exhausting day on Tuesday walking into Stater Brothers and already frustrated at what was staring me in the face. You see I am a picky produce person and if I had it my way all of my produce would come from Trader Joe's. The thing about Trader Joes is that they don't have EVERYTHING I need SO if I choose to go there then I have to go to another grocery store another day and that is too overwhelming with my schedule. So there I am staring at the gleaming waxed apples wondering how much Veggie Wash it's gonna take to get it all off. I choose my apples and proceed through the produce section in a record 15 minutes.

Now on to the meat section. Now here's why I hate the meat section: THE PRICES! Goodness gracious! Now, Stater Brothers' meat prices are good however it frustrates me to know that last week I paid $5.50 to get a pack of Foster Farms boneless skinless chicken breasts and now this week I have to pay $6.20. No, it's not the weight difference it's just the way the market is. If I really ponder the situation it frustrates me even more that I can buy organic chicken breasts at Trader Joes for a little under $12 and get 6 whole breasts! Anyway, I see this Randall Farms value pack. I needed both boneless skinless thighs and boneless skinless breasts. This pack had them and so I thought to myself, "I know that this is risky but I'm tryin' to be frugal here!" So I picked it up and put it in my basket.

Now flash forward 2 hours later. I'm preparing to cook dinner. I take the breasts out of the package and notice that they have gobs of fat on them and they were very sloppily cut. I was disgusted just cleaning them. THEN for some reason I happen to glance at the package. What does it say on the package???? Oh, only that these breasts and thighs have natural flavorings and sodium to add flavor. UM, HELLO!!! If I want salt on my chicken I'll add it myself, and since when does chicken need to be flavored to taste like chicken???? I stupidly still cooked the chicken as I would had I bought the good stuff and it turned out horrible! The consistency was different and it was ├╝ber salty!

The moral of the story:
DO NOT buy Randall Farms chicken!!! Don't you remember Foster Farms' slogan? "At Foster Farms, Fresh and Natural Means Fresh and Natural." Please buy fresh chicken!!!!

Okay I'm getting off of my soap box now. See ya later.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog. Last night I had almost the exact same experience with Chicken from Stater Bros. When I ate the meat, I knew it somehow had preservatives in it. So I went out to the trash to re-read the lable to see what they used, and it was too messed up I couldn't read it, so that was when I decided to goole Randall Farms and found your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, as I have a mild reaction to eating sodium, restless sleep, and I had it last night. You confirmed my suspicions.

  2. I wish I had read this before purchasing Randall Farms chicken thighs from Slater Bros. I spent over 20 minutes hacking off access skin and fat and wishing I could sell it back to Stater Bros. Instead, I cooked the huge pile of garbage trimmed from the thighs and froze it in small packets to mix in with the dogs' dinners over the next few months. Possibly, being a dog lover, I should throw these "scraps' into the trash. No more Randall Farms products.

  3. I would not eat the ALL Natural foster farms chicken. I used to grow for them and they put lots of antibiotics in the feed. Virgiiamycin, Naracin, Monensin, Chlortetracycline, Pennecillin. Definitly not antibiotic free. Please spread the word

    1. I just paid a small fortune for a medium sized Foster F whole chicken. Put it in the oven for over 90 minutes. It baked down to almost nothing - the poor thing was literally nothing but water, fat and skin and bones. Maybe a teaspoon of meat on the drum sticks. I have no idea what FF does to their chickens but that's it for me.

  4. Anonymous...hmmm, if you have changed your feed practices would you care to enlighten the blog so that we may know under what brand we may now buy your antibiotic free chicken?

  5. I read what the first anonymous said about antibiotics in the feed. This is absolutely true. Natural doesn't mean natural. Only if the chicken is "organic" does it mean it is eating what a chicken would naturally eat, without antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. The FDA has strict standards to what may or may not be labeled organic as well. Everyone should do their research to know what goes into their meat.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I was posting something similar about Randall Farms on Facebook and wanted to include a chicken picture. But, I found your blog so I attached it instead. I can't eat salt or sugar either...neither can my dog! So we returned it for the Foster Farms NO salt added (probably full of antibiotics...) but, at least I'll sleep without sweating's back to the Organic products...yuck with the commercial crap.

  7. Seriously, just wow i can honestly say that i hate this chicken, i grill my chicken and unlike foster farms chicken this kind gets awfully rubbery and even with seasoning its horrible. You cant put lipstick on a pig. But honestly when at stater brothers and youre wondering what chicken to buy go with foster farms.

  8. Stater Bros chicken is so much better than anywhere else! I refuse to buy it anywhere but Stater's. Big deal they add a little salt, it's like they brined it for you. The chicken has much better flavor and texture!

  9. What most fine restaurant diners, fast food customers, and supermarket shoppers are not aware is that about 99% of the chicken meat, broilers, etc. are Cornish Cross chickens bred to grow fast so that by 8 weeks old they are very heavy and ready for slaughter. These poor chickens have to be slaughtered early because if allowed to continue growing, their skeletal frame and internal organs cannot support their purposely fast growth so their bones crack, they have health issues, and can die even before they reach 8 weeks old from all their health problems. I don't think I care to eat those kind of chickens considering a regular growing heritage chicken has to be about 5 to 7 months before ready as table meat. Don't just stay away from Stater Bros. chicken but ALL supermarket chicken since there's more profit to the store chains to get these cheaper faster growing Cornish Cross broilers rather than offer organic or heritage breeds of chickens for the dinner table.

  10. My gf and I recently bought some Randall chicken leg quarters. She doesn't like foster farms because of animal cruelty issues but since she was ignorant on how Randall farms treat their animals (I'm sure they are no better than any other farms/facilities) she decided to get it. Plus it was cheaper and we are broke. Fast forward 45 minutes. I season the legs with salt, pepper, onion powder. Next came olive oil and then the oven. I don't remember if she did 400 or 450. The chicken itself did have more than enough fat under the skin but we work out enough to eat whatever we want so it wasn't an issue. Personally I love the flavor fat can help add to food anyways so I never complain unless it is really fatty. Anyways, we went and watched episode 1 of Better Call Saul (it's good, I recommend it) and all of a sudden she goes oh damn the chicken! I hastily get up to get it out the oven and after the episode we ate dinner (about 10 minutes later). Contrarary to what everyone here said about this brand, I really enjoyed the chicken. I did not read the packaging besides the caloric content so I cannot confirm how drugged up the chicken was but the chicken even though it was a bit overcooked, was in no way rubbery. It was dry in some parts because of our own folly but for the most part it came out great. I used the same amount of salt as I would on a chicken I get from Sprouts or Trader Joes and it didn't come out oversalted. It tasted great (I ended up grabbing one of the quarters and just tore a bigass chunk off of it with my teeth like a savage lol, it was amazing to be able to do that freely without being judged hehehe) and not at all rubbery. If the chicken was drugged up, then feed me the drugs, that was some bombass thighs. I will shop for this brand again.

    Now I can already feel the negativity from readers so let me say this. There are people who will pay more for higher quality chicken like foster farms or organic free range chicken/eggs. No doubt about that market but some of these cheaper, fattier, crappier sliced meat is all some people can afford for their families. If given a choice I'd eat wagyu all day long if I can afford it. Am I still immature about food and grocery habits? Hell yeah, I'm just another young dude tagging along the grocery trip with his gf afterall. But I did major in biology, and while I may not cook super good, I do understand the psychology behind cheaper food. I understand the ethics behind antibiotics but who's fault is it now? Rich people's fault or the average consumer for purchasing the food over and over again because they cannot afford higher priced goods or maybe your son was just begging for that particular (unhealthful) item? Either way, this is a vicious cycle and one day it will change but until then cheaper priced goods will probably have additives and we know this. That is why they are cheaper. Why complain when we already know this at the back of our minds? But I digress. Until my gf forbid me from doing so, I will keep purchasing Randall chicken quarters (I wonder if their products are as good). I will also be buying other brands too, I eat all brands, I believe that no matter the cut or brand, if you know how to cook, you can make it taste great. If the drugs bother you then I guess there is no way around it, you will need to just buy another brand. Just a side thought here...not that this is a bad thing but are we overtly being sheeple (sheep people) by buying into the whole drugfree farm animals hype and being hypocrits at the same time? I mean yeah the antibiotics can cause a great amount of problems no doubt about that but the same people who complain are many times people who already regularly abuse caffiene, nicotene, THC, progesterone, opiates, testosterone, sharpie markers..okay that last part was kind of a joke but you guys get the point. I am not exempt.

  11. It all started over a nice warm fireplace as I sit in front of one cold night. Wearing nothing but a robe and pink bunny slippers while sipping hot chocolate from Nestle powder in a can. Though I do wish they had Vanilla flavored powder but that's a different story. I came to a crossroads in my life. Either keep eating the way I am at that current time. Consisting of microwaveable dinners, fast food, junk food, soda, ice cream, ect. Become fatter, and more morbidly obese which I was about 10lbs over for my height. Or eat better and live a longer, healthier life. So at the fireplace. I look deep into the flames. The longer I stare, the closer I become one with the flames if I keep eating this way and no money in the family for a burial and just cremate me. I do love fire and flames, but that's too soon in my life for that.

    Deciding on what my changes would be. I picked Chicken breast. Here next to me is Stater Brothers down the street. The same place where I bought Marie Calender's lasanga. The small single packs and not the big family pack tray. Big different in taste and texture even though it's supposed to be the same thing. Long long story short.

    These chicken breasts for the past year and a little over are always in consistent through each week and depending on their sale at the time. From what I've noticed. If they're priced at 3.99lb they're normal sized, no globby slimy stuff, soft, and don't come out like crunchy hay like I cooked for a horse.

    If the chicken breasts are priced at 1.77lb. They become huge, slimy, crunchy, tough, and stiff leather like. When I cook them, they become nothing but crunchy and non edible. I mean you can eat it, but it's disgusting. Ever eat a raw mushroom? Crimini mushroom, not tripping mushrooms unless they have the same texture idk. Welp, bite into a crimini mushrooom and that's exactly the same bite you get on one of those Randall Farms chicken breasts that are on sale for cheap.

    It's weird. I've eaten these things over a year now. So at least 400+ I have consumed. From what I notice and what I look for is a chicken breast of normal size. No slime, no zebra lines of fat on the top side of the breast, and one that looks the softest. I choose that one. Which comes out to around 3/4 of a pound.

    The employees are great at my local Stater Brothers, unless they're new to the store, coming from another SB and never dealt with a "picky" consumer like myself. I ask them. One breast, around .75 of a pound or so. One that feels soft or so. If there are a lot of breasts with zebra lines of fat, I mention to I don't want one with the lines. Overtime. I find these big oversized breasts over a pound, or ones with zebra lines over .75 become more prone to that crunchy texture.

    It's weird on sale weeks. All of a sudden they become HUGE once they're on sale. One day or 2 days after the regular price ended. It's like the sale breasts came off of muscle beach, straight out of the gym, into the showers and thrown into bulk packaging then placed in the trays behind the glass. As the sale breasts sit there glistening in the store lighting with a bright sparkle I find myself wondering how they get so big so fast one one week compared to the others. In some instanced there are 2-3 week non sales and the breasts are normal. Next week they become Brock Lesnar impersonators. Maybe they're being pumped with some kind of liquid, or whatever as they're suddenly, and drastically morphed into Jay Cutler.

    I cook them on a cast iron skillet. Same way day after day, so nothing changes in the way I cook them. When I do notice a change, it's because of the breast allegedly started juicing and became Jay Cutler overnight.

  12. I love Foster Farm chicken. Do you have any suggestions on how to cook their no added salt Thighs? My mom gave me a set of 2 to take home but no instructions. She's no longer with us sadly, and they have been in the freezer since last October. Dated 09/18.

  13. I love Foster Farm chicken. Do you have any suggestions on how to cook their no added salt Thighs? My mom gave me a set of 2 to take home but no instructions. She's no longer with us sadly, and they have been in the freezer since last October. Dated 09/18.

  14. foster farms injects their chickens too look it up its called plumping


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