Friday, March 28, 2008


Many people have heard of the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand but I don't think we often consider the events just before it, at least I never really did. The apostles are coming to Jesus to tell him all of the things they had done and what they had taught to the people. In Mark 6:31 Jesus says to the apostles, "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile." So many of us, especially ladies, think that if we are not busy we are being idle. There is so much to get done that we just don't have time to rest.

Lately I have been really convicted that I NEED to take a day of rest. Dirk and I are in a Crown Financial Study at Harvest and God has really shown me that just as we need to trust Him with our finances we need to trust Him with our time. If we are faithful to take a day of rest, He will be faithful to make the other 6 days productive enough for us. Taking a day of rest is completely Biblical. After God created "the heavens and the Earth" He took a day of rest. Here Jesus is telling his apostles to take time to rest. Not only do we need a day of rest in order for the Lord to speak to us but also for our bodies to recuperate. I have learned that it is essential to my marriage, my friendships, my job and most importantly to my relationship with the Lord. I encourage you also to consider taking a day of rest.

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