Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Final Score
Starbucks: 1 McDonald's: negative one million

In effort to be frugal and to revive ourselves during the 97 degree Spring day, Dirk and I stopped at McDonald's to try their new iced coffee. I'll be honest I was craving an Iced White Mocha from Starbucks but stubbornness aside I really did want to enjoy the McDonald's coffee. How great would it be to get a yummy iced drink for half the price of Starbucks?

While the price was nice the coffee was G-ross. I apologize if you like them but I really couldn't handle it. I am a coffee lover and I even like McDonald's hot coffee. Both Dirk and I ordered the caramel iced coffee. At first sip I was reminded of the stale, red cellophane wrapped, butterscotch candies that used to sit on my visivo's (great grandma) coffee table. I don't know if you enjoy stale butterscotch but I sure don't. I tried, I really tried to love the drink I kept sipping it and sipping it. I just couldn't make myself like it.

So there you go. Starbucks, you win, yet again. You have me wrapped around your little green straw. I guess in order to unwind after a long, tiring day I have no choice but to pay over $4 for your delicious iced coffees. So much for trying to be frugal. I tried. You win.

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  1. I to LOVE the iced white mocha's from starbucks. I've been wanting to try the McDonalds iced coffee. I knew they couldn't be as good as starbucks though:)