Saturday, May 17, 2008

SIGGnificant Style

My SIGG just arrived yesterday and I love it! Okay, well I've only drank out of it today but nonetheless I love it!!!

This may be cheesy but here are reasons I love my SIGG:
1) The cool design. Who doesn't love a well designed twist cap on a super cute water bottle?

2) It's really light weight. As you can see above they make these for kids. They are so super light weight that it's perfect for little or big people to carry around.

3) There aren't any toxins leaching into my water. I'm sure you've all heard about the toxins that can leach into your water when drinking out of a plastic water bottle. I'll be honest and say I'm somewhat skeptical BUT I try to do everything I can to keep the toxins out of my body. I figure if it's true then I'm safe and if it's not then at least I'm drinking my water out of a super cute bottle.

4) I'm saving a bunch of water bottles from going to the landfill. I know that some people that read this are totally against the going green fad. I understand the skepticism but whether you're trying to go green or not you have to admit that we are being wasteful but putting a bunch of water bottles into the landfill when you could be using a reusable water bottle, plus did I mention, it's super cute.

If you have kids you have to look at SIGG's kid products. They even have handles that you can slip onto them for younger toddlers who need something to hold onto.

For those of you who are looking for adult bottles you can check out the SIGG site or you can just look at other sites online if the SIGG site doesn't have the bottles you want. I got mine from Get n' Green.


  1. That's a VERY pretty SIGG bottle - haven't seen that one before, nice choice!

    I got the vibrant Maha Blue bottle a few months back, and for all of the reasons you mention, I use mine every day and just love it. Great for the gym and my commute to work, tons of people have stopped me to ask where I got it from and want to know more about it, which means "green" is spreading! Here is a photo of mine:

    Whatever the style, it's great to be eco-friendly and stylish!!

  2. Yes! You have officially joined the SIGG revolution. Okay, maybe it's not a revolution... oh well.
    Did you know that I am moving back to So Cal? You, me and Natalee really NEED to hangout when I move back!

    p.s. I LOVE your blog!