Friday, June 27, 2008

Coldplay Shirt

Okay as you all know we are going to Vegas in July to see the best band in the whole world...Coldplay. SO I really want a Coldplay shirt but I can't decide which shirt to buy. I created a poll in the sidebar so you can help me decide.

I LOVE the heart one BUT I'm not a big baby pink fan.

This red one is really cool but I wish it was a little more "artsy."

Please help me pick which shirt I should buy!!!!

P.S. NATALEE!!! You should get one too!!!!


  1. I would definitely go with the Red. Tres Chic!

  2. red one. The hearts cool but I have no clue what the design in the heart is supposed to be. Also please dont wear the coldplay shirt to the concert. I would be embarased for you if you did.

  3. I voted and now I'm getting one too.

  4. OOH! If you get the pink one you can wear a pair of scrunch socks and acid wash jean shorts to complete the outfit!

  5. pink- i like the layout better.
    don't see a poll anywhere...???