Tuesday, June 3, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...right now

When I love something I really love it and so I decided to show you some of the things that I really love right now.

#1 Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals

I have the most temperamental skin ever. Sometimes it's acne prone, sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's oily. Really my face gives me a constant struggle. I just started using Bare Minerals about a month ago and I LOVE it!!! It doesn't sweat off like M.A.C. does and it covers my blemishes while leaving my skin looking totally natural. My skin looks SO much better!!!

#2 Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
I always have problems with mascara either flaking off (what Dirk calls the volcanic eruption) or being too cakey. The brush on this mascara separates all of the lashes and feels very light and natural while still making your eyes "pop." I wouldn't wear it for a dramatic look but for everyday it's perfect.

#3 Coldplay - Specifically their ad for Apple and their song Viva La Vida
As I'm sure you gathered from a previous post I LOVE COLDPLAY!!! This July will be my 4th time to see them in concert. Anyway, if you haven't seen their ad for Apple you have to click on the link below. I could post it here through You Tube but Apple's video is SO much clearer. Not only are they amazing but the graphics are AWESOME thanks to Logan.

Check it out here.

#4 Green Tea Frozen Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries
There are three new Pinkberry type frozen yogurt places that just came to our area (thanks to Jonna for telling us about them). I really Pinkberry BUT these places are awesome because they have tons of flavors. I like to get green tea with fresh strawberries (yes you can get this at Pinkberry), Dirk likes cookies and cream with almost EVERYTHING on it!!! If you have tried one of these yogurt places you have to go. There are three on University Ave. in Riverside by UCR. I've heard there is also one going in next to Panera at the Riverside Plaza. If you're planning on going to University I suggest going to the store formerly known as Swirl (Pinkberry is suing them because they have trademarked the word "swirl" or something like that). This one is on University kind of next to the Taco Bell, it's one of the shops underneath the new apartments. If you go to one that you love let me know about it!!!

#5 Last but not LOST I mean least - LOST

Okay if you've never watched LOST don't go off and watch one episode and think I'm crazy. Dirk and I did that and it's ridiculous, you'll be so lost ;) that you will think that anyone who watches the show must come from a different planet. Any who LOST is amazing because it just is. It's really beyond explaining. One subfavorite here must be Sawyer. Some may say it's because he's good looking but really it's his "sawyerisms" that make him an amazing character on the show. I'm really glad that he wasn't the one in the coffin (Sorry Andrea).

If you too love LOST check out my hubby and his co-workers' blog lawstsome.blogspot.com You guys rock!
Anyway these are a few of my favorite things. If you try any of them or love them yourself, or even hate them, drop me a line :)


  1. I agree with all of those assessments. I haven't tried the lash blast, but bare escentuals, coldplay apple commercial, frozen yogurt and lost, all awesome.

    #6. Home made fish biscuits!

  2. I have a frozen yogurt place near my house that is pretty darn good. It's called fruyu. It's on La Sierra and Indiana, or something like that. It's self serve, they have 10 flavors and a bunch of toppings, and the best part is, you can taste test as much as you want! It is a little pricey though.

  3. Okay, I have heard really good things about Bare Minerals and I am at that point that I need to buy more make-up. Soooo, I think I will try it!

  4. i LOVE this makeup. just bought some new pieces today. :) my friend introduced me to it over a year ago, and i've never looked back!
    the kits are awesome... costco out here used to have two extra kits that i haven't seen in other beauty stores. thankfully, i picked them up (40$), and they're amazing- one is a natural kit, and the other is how to do eye-makeup smokey or something like that.

    anyway, we don't have a pinkberry. i just looked it up! perhaps, if we come into town, then we can go there??? :)

    oh, speaking of that... G is going to find out from work if he can take off some days from work, and we come into town... for jack's shin-dig. :)

    def. will keep you posted.

    your blog is now on our faves' list. :)

    last couple of days, i was going to do a "favorite" list, too... but, haven't done it yet. sorta listed it on our blog already... if you both don't have soniCare, then i'd suggest you get it!!! amazing. :)

    talk with you soon. :)

  5. these are the reason why I love you.