Monday, July 21, 2008


I have to start off my vacation blogging with Coldplay. This was my 4th time to see Coldplay in concert and this last time was the most amazing concert I've ever been to. It was like visual gluttony. At times I didn't know where to look because I wanted to take in everything. It wasn't so busy that I was overwhelmed, it was just enough that made me feel like the luckiest person in the world to be seeing their concert, and in my case, standing next to the most amazing hubby in the whole world. It was definitely in my top 10 experiences of life, no exaggeration.

The night started off great with Jon Hopkins. He is amazingly talented. I wouldn't pay to go see him only because he was a little boring but he is very talented and I would totally buy his music.

Next up was Shearwater. To the cowardly commenter who commented on my blog saying, "Unfortunately all you did was confirm your limited knowledge and taste for good music." And then went on to say that, "Shearwater puts on one of the best shows out there." AND that, "their CD will be in everyone's top 10 list by then end of the year." I opened my ears like you asked me to and they sounded worse than they do on the CD. Let's just say that the Coldplay product lines and the beer and margarita lines got REALLY long while they were playing. Their show was boring and the singer's voice made me cringe. I don't forsee "everyone" having Shearwater on their top 10 list at any time.

Next up was Coldplay. I was so anxious during the 40 minutes we had to wait for them to come on. Our seats turned out to be amazing and we got pretty close to Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland. Woot woot!!!

After seeing Coldplay 3 times before this I will tell you that this is by far their best show ever! In fact it was the most amazing concert I've ever been to. The lights were awesome as usual.

Toward the end of the show they dropped fluorescent butterflies and turned on the black lights. It looked like Fruity Pebbles were falling from the sky. Very cool.

Throughout the concert the band played at various places throughout the stadium. There were 2 side stages, on near us and another on the other side. Of course there was the main stage and then they ran up to the "nosebleed" sections and played a couple of acoustic songs, "Green Eyes" and "Death Will Never Conquer." During different times there were LCD globes that would rise and fall. The globes were either solid colored or had video streaming to them.

Side stage furthest from us.
The band up in the stands.

The last cool thing about the concert was their awesome screens. There was a screen with the image from their album cover on it, after awhile that screen was dropped and up came another blank screen which had video on it for songs like "Lovers in Japan." After the blank screen fell there was the VIVA screen. As simple as a screen may seem they really made the show.

As I'm sure you can tell. The concert was the highlight of my trip. It was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. They're coming to Phoenix in November...I'm going to try to find a reason to go to Phoenix ;)

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