Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cooking In Style

I'm not one to wear an apron unless we're having people over for dinner or some other reason why I need to stay super clean. For the most part I don't make a mess on myself while I'm cooking so I just don't wear an apron every day. I do have two very cute aprons, one from my brother's girlfriend, Kristin and her family and another one from some of the girls in Dirk's design department. Of course I have to keep those clean for special occassions :) 

One of my favorite cupcake blogs Bake and Destroy had a post about these amazing aprons by Jessie Steele. I think I'd wear an apron every day if I had a wardrobe of aprons like these.


  1. They are very cute! I don't have one myself, but I bought one for my friend for Christmas and she loves it.

  2. adorable! I wonder if you gain super hero chef powers when wearing one of these.... hmmm?

  3. it actually makes me want to cook.

    i don't ever wear one.

    did my grocery stuff help you out?

    also, here's HEAVEN for a girl, not sure if you've been here, but...


    beauty heaven.

  4. that cupcake apron is from ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!!! AHHH! I totally saw it this weekend and was totally coveting it, especially since it had a mini version for a little one ;) heh. You know, you've inspired me, now I need to start making some more aprons. they are so coming back in!!!!!

  5. Nat, you should make some and start an etsy. Those things are going for $39+. Then you could still work and have a baby ;)