Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pride Cometh Before a Fall

One "character flaw" that sincerely bothers me about certain people is their pride. I despise the times that I am part of a conversation where a person is talking about what they've accomplished or how well they did in something. Whether you read the Bible or not many people know the idea of Proverbs 16:18. " Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

I do believe that keeping our pride at bay is something that we all struggle with daily. We should all ask ourselves, "How can I allow God to be seen through this situation and not myself?" I have almost finished reading Greg Laurie's book, "Lost Boy." Pastor Greg is a man of God whom I greatly respect for many reasons. One of the reasons that I have such a great respect for him is his desire to be humble. While he is a pretty well-known pastor of the 8th largest church in America he doesn't walk around like he's anyone special. We all know that God has so greatly anointed him but he just carries himself as if he is just an average Joe on the street.

One thing that really struck me from his book is about how he keeps his pride at bay. He says that he follows Billy Graham's example and so after a crusade he goes back to his room has a sandwich and plays with his granddaughter. He writes, "It's time to move to the next thing, because if I linger on the crusade's great moments, it's easy to get hung up in a little piece of pride. And pride is never content with staying small." (pg. 155) What an awesome example that is to all of us whether we struggle with pride or not. We need to recognize that every breath we breathe is a gift from God. How will you use your next breath for God's glory?


  1. I am always excited to see a new blog post from you! I hang onto every word and value your thoughts and opinions so very much. Thank you for always being so open and honest and willing to share :)


    p.s. and "Duh!" you can put me on your blog list. I'm so tickled that you even look at it :)

  2. That was really profound to me too!

    Glad you guys had a good time