Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vegas Food

If you read my blog often you know that I fully enjoy food. I am all about fresh ingredients and good for you food. I am of course known to eat "junk food" but overall I try to eat healthy yet very flavorful food. Any time Dirk and I go somewhere we try to experiment with new restaurants and new food. Vegas of course was no different.

There are SO many good restaurants in Vegas that I wished I could eat all day so I could try as many of them as I could. Obviously if this came to fruition I would be fat and broke. There were three restaurants worth talking about.

The first restaurant is not really a restaurant actually it's called Einstein Bros. Bagels. Andrea gave us the recommendation and it was just as she said. Nothing beats a delicious chicken salad sandwich on a whole wheat bagel...YUM!

The night of the Coldplay concert Dirk and I went out to a nice dinner date. We went to a restaurant in our hotel, MGM Grand, called Fiamma Trattoria. It was definitely pricey but well worth it. One thing I despise is going to a restaurant where we spend $75 and still feel hungry. This was not the case at all. The food was definitely high end and yet the portions were perfect.

The day that we left Dirk and I tried a burger place in the Mandalay Bay hotel called the Burger Bar. Basically at this place you get to pick your meat, farm beef, black angus beef, kobe beef, buffalo, lamb, turkey or veggie. After you choose your meat you get to choose from several types of buns and a plethora of "toppings." These were seriously the best burgers we've ever had. It was definitely the most we ever paid or ever will pay for burgers but hey, it's Vegas right?


  1. I think we introduced Paul & Andrea to Einstein Bros - I'll have to ask her! Love that she recommended it to you and I LOVE that they have them even here in Texas! I've been to the same place in the MGM and loved it too!Glad you guys had fun in my adopted "home".

  2. Thanks to you Holly for introducing the Royers. We really loved that place!!! You are very fortunate to have one near you. I guess the closest one to us is Irvine. We need more places like that close by.

  3. Yes Holly its true! We did gain that tip from you! I am glad we could pass that pearl of wisdom on to you!