Thursday, July 24, 2008 Delivery

About 6 months ago I heard about offering free delivery on your first order. I never used it because I was saving it for a time that I really needed it. Well I didn't REALLY need it yesterday but I was getting over a migraine and was still light headed and had absolutely no desire to go to the grocery store. I said to myself, "Self, you haven't used that free coupon for over 6 months let's try it out today." And so I listened to myself and did it. I ordered it yesterday at 2:00 and scheduled to have it delivered free to me between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m.

Now you all know how much I hate grocery shopping. Doing it online had both it's pros and cons:

  • The website's user interface is well organized and easy to use. You just type in what you want to buy in the search portion and it pops up all of their brands and the prices. You also get to leave instructions for your shopper. For example, I needed avocados but I don't want to use them until Sunday so I asked for them to not be ripe. They came to me exactly how I would have picked them.
  • The shoppers are trained to choose the best fruits, veggies, etc. I'll be honest there are certain fruits that I am not great at picking and I spend FOREVER in the produce section because I am such a picky produce person. All of the produce that came to me today was fresh and probably better than what I would have chosen.
  • The delivery guy is not allowed to accept tips. I know that sounds horrible, especially for me because I feel that anyone that climbs the three flights of stairs to get to me deserves a tip. I offered the delivery guy a tip and he said that they are not allowed to take them. He did ask me to call the number on the back and let the company know how he's doing. I guess they get bonuses every quarter and the more positive things that are said about them the bigger their bonus is. 
  • The obvious: you don't have to leave your house AND you schedule the delivery days in advance. How convenient! Just think about it, you're on a week long vacation and you of course didn't go grocery shopping before the vacation because everything would spoil by the time you got home. You are going to need to eat after you get back from your trip but you really don't want to go to the grocery store the night you get back. So, on your trip or before your trip you make your grocery list, send it to and have it scheduled to deliver to you right when you get back. THAT my friends is convenience.

  • You get to pick if you want substitutions or not, however you don't get to be the one who chooses the substitute. For example, I needed Soy Sauce. I typically buy the all natural, low-sodium soy sauce at Ralphs however they didn't have it at so I decided to be a frugal wife and buy the Safeway Select Soy Sauce which was like $1.50 or something. Well apparently they were out of the Safeway brand so they purchased the Kikkoman Soy Sauce for $2.35. Now if I were shopping for myself, like a normal person would, I would have at least grabbed the Kikkoman Low-Sodium Soy Sauce. I figure if I'm going to pay for a brand name I might as well order the stuff that's good for me. 
  • If they are out of something and there's no substitute close to it, you just don't get it. They were out of stock on Ginger and Cherry Tomatoes. How do you run out of those food seriously. Of course there's not a substitute for ginger but I would have grabbed some grape tomatoes or something like that instead of the cherry tomatoes.
  • Their prices are insanity!!! Some things were really good prices but their cheapest brand name cereal was $4!!! Yeah, no. Granted there are times that I won't even buy cereal at Ralphs because it's crazy expensive however most of the time I have coupons and there are some sort of deals. If not Target, here I come!
Overall the experience was a good one. I definitely won't do it all the time, seeing as the cheapest delivery charge is $9.95 but if I'm ever in a pinch I will for sure use them. If you have ever tried them or have tried any other grocery delivery places comment about it!

Oh yeah and now my refrigerator is totally clean and organized because I cleaned while my groceries were being delivered. I love a clean refrigerator!


  1. I have been thinking about doing that for a long time. But.... Vons is right down the street, so I havn't had a good enough excuse yet. Your fridge looks nice though!

  2. looks to me like you are planning an asian meal... soy sauce and ginger?

  3. well look at you. I seriously feel the need to clean out the refrigerator EVERY time I grocery shop. no kidding. we miss you guys.

    oh and, vain much? a picture of yourself on the frig... geez :) j/k all over the place!

  4. Andrea, you are absolutely right, I made Chinese chicken salad. Nat, I didn't even realize conceited am I??? Gosh!

  5. Hey there Natalee......! Don't pick on that famous face .... she is the Star of D2 photography, you have no idea how many people know her face and know her by name, I have NO idea how.. but IDENTITY is what it's all about... Leash I have more promo cards... when you are ready for wall paper I am there to help! I have enough to cover at least two rooms.

    :P I enjoy your blog...! What I don't know is did you ever buy a shirt for your Coldplay concert, or was it the blue one that won? Your hair looks great.


  6. Hey DeeDee, We are looking to buy a house so maybe I'll wallpaper a room then :) I actually didn't buy a Coldplay shirt. Dirk and Tim both said it would be lame to wear one to the concert so I didn't get one. I was going to buy one at the concert but they were way too expensive!!!

  7. Congrats, I heard you were looking at houses, that is exciting! Can't wait to start the wall papering. Many different poses to choose from. How cool it would be to use Dirk for some of the borders. Yeah!

    I would trust Dirk's advice on "style" but Tim,,, well??? I have a few funny pics that might change your mind about his fashion expertise! All in good fun of course.

    Buying anything at a concert will quickly put you in the poor house. Good call!

    D2 :P

  8. Ok, I finally need to chime in and admit that I'm the one to blame for that flyer being on the fridge. I was just so proud that Dee Dee wanted to make my wife the main image. So I had to display it on the fridge, the place I frequent most!

  9. Ahhhhh Dirk,,, you don't need to take the "blame" I am excited to see that you enjoy your wedding images as much as I did. Thus, the face of D2 Photography comes to life! Your wedding continues to be a favorite with many of my clients (until I shoot theirs of course).

    D2 :)