Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Day at the Fair

This weekend was the last weekend of the Orange County Fair. I had told Dirk that I wanted to go but he wasn't too keen on the idea, that was until Chris Laurie came back from the fair with all of his tips and tricks. His main tip to Dirk was to eat a really big dinner the night before you go, and then don't eat at all the next day until you get to the fair so you can eat anything and everything you want to. Although we didn't follow his directions exactly, we sure did eat a lot of crazy food. We went with our good friends Ken and Justine. We had a really good time hanging out and remembering Chris. Here's to you Chris!!!

Dirk and Ken with their Turkey Legs

Justine and I with our corn on the cob, dipped in butter and seasoned....fattening but yummy!

Deep Fried Oreos
Deep Fried Twinkie
Dirk won a turtle for me

Bumpa Cars
Silhouette of Ken and Justine on the "People Movers"


  1. Good Times...Good Times... We had so much fun and that night was truly in honor of the memory of our good friend Chris' appetite for life...and fair food! With all the fried oreos, twinkies, corn on the cobb, turkey legs, more corn on the cobb, and even my Sandenbalz got a stomach ache the next day to prove it!!
    Thanks for sharing that day with us!!!

    Justine ( I forgot my username so I had to put Anonymous..heh)

  2. Girl, you are hilarious!!! Your post seriously made Dirk and I both laugh with the Sandenbalz. We had a great time with you guys :)

  3. deep fried oreos and snickers are so yummy! :)

    i forgot what else i was going to write.

  4. all I have to say about the Justine and Ken silhouette is OOO LALA!

  5. okay deep fried oreos? I NEED to find a place where they make them and consume one... Immediately!
    Looks like you guys had a fun time. Loved the pictures! Glad you are enjoying your summer Alicia!