Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black Thumb

Some people have a green thumb but not me, I have a black least for that I think about it I hope it's just for today...yikes!!!

So today was our first official packing day. We've been packing here and there but today we spent about 4 hours packing. I packed the kitchen so my hands are filthy black from tightly packing things in newspaper...hence the black thumb. It's really weird seeing all of my kitchen cabinets mostly bare. My kitchen is my area of creativity, my favorite room in the house. Now the kitchen consists of only food and a few necessities we will need until we move. We only have 18 more days until we move and Dirk is unfortunately going to be gone in Philadelphia for 6 of those days so time is extremely tight. On top of all this chaos I just found out last night that I have a mandatory seminar that I have to attend on the Saturday that we're supposed to be moving.....nice! There is no way to make it up so I just have to suck it up and go. I wonder what will come up next. With the Lord's strength we'll get through this.

Here's a pic of our hallway and part of our living room full of boxes.

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