Friday, September 26, 2008

Monsters in the Bed, not Under the Bed

Dirk and I just got back from Target where their Halloween campaign is in full swing. Their cute little Halloween mascot is Domo:

After seeing cute little Domo I started to think about how absurd it is that children (and adults) love ugly, colorful monsters. The new "monsters" in town are the "monsters" from Yo Gabba Gabba

and soon to be this little guy Domo whose short snippets are on Nickelodeon, according to some internet sources.

Where did the love for monsters start? Well, for me and for many of you it was with good ole' Sesame Street. If you really think about it Elmo in and of himself really isn't that cute, it's the personality behind him that makes him cute.

And what about Oscar the Grouch? Who would think that toddlers would be walking around with Oscar the Grouch toys?

Let's admit it, the very thing that kids are scared of having under their beds are the very things that they are cuddling with in the bed. With this insight I wanted to share these cute little guys that I found through Modern Urban Living. You can find them at My Paper Crane.

Burnt Toast

Moldy Bread

Glue Bottle


  1. ha ha ha. that's a great point.... have you checked out those are some of my favorite ugly cuddly monsters!