Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I'm Loving Right Now

One thing I'm loving right now is the smell of new carpet. Our carpet was installed in the house yesterday and Dirk and I went to look at it. Unfortunately we could only look through the windows and I wanted to smell the new carpet smell so bad. While looking at the front of the house I found that the peep hole in the front door has not yet been installed so it's just an open hole. I stuck my nose up to the peep hole and took a big whiff. I could totally smell the carpet and it smelled so good. I'm not sure what's better a new carpet smell or a new car smell. I know I'm a total dork but whateva.

Other things I'm loving...

Most of the furniture in our apartment was bought new when Dirk moved in here a year and a half ago so we really don't need too much. Our bedroom set is one of the hand-me-downs we received it's all hodge podged stuff that works together somewhat but not great. This, naturally, leads me to look at bedroom furniture and comforter sets. I'm totally into the modern/urban wood feel right now as is Dirk. Some of this stuff is bedroom stuff and some of it is just stuff I stumbled upon. Most of it is pricey but a girl can dream right?

West Elm

Urban Outfitters

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