Monday, October 6, 2008


So Dirk is finally coming home after being gone for 6 days. We haven't been apart for this long in years and it's been the longest 6 days I've had in a long time. I'm so super excited to see him and to top off the day I just read on that Coldplay announced, today, that they are coming to the Honda Center on November 25th. AHHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited. I was trying to get Dirk to go to Arizona but he said no BUT he did say that if they came near us we could go. SO, he's on a plane right now FINALLY coming home to me and I'm dying to hear what he says. I'm so excited!!!!

Okay...I've calmed down...thanks for letting me gush :)


  1. **********This comment was from Justine some how I accidently rejected it...sorry Justine*********

    Woohoo! Im so glad I read your post cuz I had no clue they were coming to Anaheim! Im gonna have to look up how much those tickets are now. It would be so awesome to go to one of their concerts!
    Thanks Coldplay updater!

  2. Hey thanks for praying! Yes Vince is gone quite a bit. But having the kids really keeps me busy. Although a week always feels like a month. Times goes SLOW when he's gone! Glad you have Dirk back! Vince comes home late tonight! Oh also congratulations on your first home! That is so exciting. What a blessing! If you guys need help moving just have Dirk ask Vince he'd be glad to help :)

  3. Hi Alicia!

    So glad to see your comment on my blog:)

    Nice to know a few Harvestonian's have blogs!!! lol