Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay, so it's been awhile since I've blogged and even longer since I posted a "substantial" blog. Life has been chaos! Dirk was gone for 6 days in Philadelphia and returned the Monday night before we moved (we moved on the Saturday after). Dirk took the week off and I took Tuesday off to sign papers. This ended up being frustrating because the Escrow company, who was upset we couldn't sign papers on Monday, wasn't ready for us to sign papers on Tuesday until 9:00 PM. They sent a notary to use so that was a waste of a day off.

Signing papers in our apartment dining room.

Friday we got the keys to our house and went back to the apartment to finish packing up. On Saturday I unfortunately had an all day, mandatory science seminar in Fullerton so the moving was left to the, men (Dirk, his dad, his brother, my dad, my 3 brothers and Dirk's BFF Tim). Apparently the unpacking went well but getting the furniture down three flights of stairs was insane. Thank you to all of you who helped, we appreciate it SOOOO much!!!

Dirk's dad and Tim moving furniture

After I came home we all relaxed, had pizza and played the Wii.

Well we are moved in but life is still crazy. I had a humongous paper due yesterday along with progress reports for my students. Now two weeks later I have my last big project due. Dirk is gone AGAIN in New York for 5 days. Our house is still in boxes and apparently, one thing I didn't know is that new houses come with bugs. So while Dirk's been gone I've been working on a 40 page paper, trying to keep ants at bay, kill spiders that enter when people come in the door and throw books on top of crickets that have decided to meander around my bedroom. I hate bugs and hate killing them even more. We had maybe two bugs in our apartment the entire time we lived there (a year and a half) and now I feel like we have an infestation and it's uber frustrating.

I will admit that I am missing my apartment desperately. Most people think I'm crazy but I loved my apartment. I love being home and right now I just feel like I'm in a house. We spent tons of time on making our apartment a home and we had a lot of "firsts" in the apartment. Now I'm in this gigantic house alone and missing the apartment tons. It's also very weird to not be within talking distance of Dirk all the time. When we were in the apartment it didn't matter where we were, we were always in close proximity to each other now we're far apart regardless of what room we're in. I know I'll get used to it and love our house as soon as it starts to become a home but for now I miss my apartment.

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