Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rule...

Men should not be allowed to go on a trip without their families. Although I doubt there are any men that read this blog, if you are you are probably offended but let me state my case.

When I was younger anytime my dad was away something bad happened to one of us. One memorable time was when my brother, who was 2 or 3 at the time, fell off of a motorized Power Wheels bike and got a concussion on his head. My mom had to trek all 5 of us kids including a baby down to the ER where we spent hours. It was absolutely insane. My friend Kim recently posted about how whenever her husband is gone she always has to make a trip to Urgent Care.

Dirk has really only left me a few times since we've been married and in those few times something has gone wrong. A few months ago Dirk was working at the Somebody Loves You Crusades and while he was gone for the weekend the washer in our apartment decided to flood the entire laundry room and kitchen. Needless to say, I was not happy. When Dirk was in Philly was when an earthquake hit in the middle of the night, I KNOW, it wasn't that big but still not having him at home, wondering if something bigger might happen was a little unnerving.

Tonight is another instance to add to the reasons why men shouldn't leave their families to go on trips. Being in a new house we have all new appliances, which I totally loved BEFORE I came home tonight. Okay so here's the story: Last night I ran the washer for the first time to clean it, as the directions stated, everything went well. Today I did a load of laundry and again no problems. Well about an hour before I was going to leave to go to my parents' house I put in a final load of laundry for the day. Everything goes well, no problems. There is 10 minutes left on the wash cycle and I decided that I'm not going to wait around for it to finish I'm just going to go my parents. I knew I wouldn't be there too long and the load that was being washed was cleaning rags anyway. So off I go. I come home, park in the garage unlock the door and find myself standing in a sea of blue stickiness. Apparently in the 10 minutes that I had left the washing machine "unattended" the entire 150 ounce TIDE that was on top of the washer was thrown to floor. The plastic cap bursted into pieces and literally splash painted my walls and covered the entry and laundry room floors. I am SO thankful that it is all tile but now I had a humongous mess on my hands. Laundry detergent is a high base which means that you need an acid to counteract it, water just makes matters worse because it's a neutral. I used every rag that had previously been in the washer to wipe up the mess and it's still a slippery mess. I have WAY too much to do before work tomorrow so the mopping with vinegar is going to have to wait until I get home. I usually mop my floors on my hands and knees to ensure that they are super clean but I think I'm going to need to go buy a mop for this craziness. My house smells really clean but I have a long afternoon ahead of me. Aye!


  1. Good grief! All I can say is good grief!

  2. That totally sucks. I wish you would've come to NY!! While you were tirelessly mopping up detergent Dirk was probably cuddling up next to Trever. You have to go next time!!

  3. Been there, done that. Now Lisa and Andrew come with me!