Friday, November 28, 2008

A Not So Black Friday

Well I always said that I would never go to Black Friday sales. The waking up and waiting early in the morning sounds like fun but I do not do crowds very well. I absolutely hate any crowds, to the point that I start to get overwhelmed and frustrated and really would rather pay more to not have to deal with crowds. Well, apparently my brothers and Dirk devised a plan that if they got me non-stop Starbucks they could convince me to go to the Black Friday sales. I was extremely hesitant but Dirk practically begged me to go and in the end I felt like I would be a stick in the mud if I didn't go. Being a stick in the mud is never any fun so I went, sans the non-stop Starbucks. My three brothers (Brad, Adam and Blake), Brad's girlfriend Kristin and Dirk and I all met at my parents' house and headed to Starbucks and then out to Eastvale.

Somewhere along the way we picked up this gangsta'

The slogan of the day:

All of us (minus Dirk who's taking the picture)

All in all we didn't really get anything. Kristin got some good deals while the rest of us sort of meandered around. We all had fun and came back quite exhausted. Unfortunately Brad, Kristin and Adam had to work afterwards but they were real troopers. Today was not nearly as bad as even usual everyday Christmas shopping. If Black Friday is always like this I will totally go again.

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  1. We went this morning and had the same idea about Starbucks. But... We went through the drive through, (which I hate doing because there is always something wrong) and sure enough they forgot to put shots in my latte, and we were too far away to go back and tell them to fix it.
    We got a couple things, but nothing special. Target was CRAZY!!!