Thursday, November 20, 2008

Right on Target

So I went to Target today because (1) I need a new pair of jeans and the last pair I bought there was only $25 and fit me just as good and looked just as nice as my jeans from Express (2) I am in desperate need of fall/winter shoes. Well unfortunately I got neither jeans nor fall/winter shoes but I did get these:

Now, I already have these:

and when I bought these brown ones I desperately wanted the turquoise ones. If you know me personally you know me as the blonde girl who always wears black and occasionally brown. Well this fall I did in fact buy two sweaters in a pumpkin-spice-orange color and one sweater in turquoise. I know, I know, you can pick your jaw up off the floor but it is true. Anyway, as much as I really wanted these turquoise shoes I couldn't justify paying $22.99 for a pair of shoes that match ONE outfit. I just bought a house people! So as I'm perusing Target looking for some cute fall shoes I stumble across THE turquoise shoes, on clearance. For how much? Oh, just a measly $5.75. HELLO! Who buys shoes for $5.75???? The chances that they'd have my shoe size? Slim to none, but despite the slim chances they did in fact have my size and now I am a proud owner of turquoise shoes.

I will leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, "He that can have patience can have what he will."


  1. ummmm.. hello? $5.75! That's amazing. seriously, you could probably find those at Anthropologie... uber cute.

  2. I almost bought those when they were on sale for $11.88 (yes, almost, that's how cheap I am)!! Dang, I need to go to Target.

    More importantly, Pushing Daisies is canceled!!!! So awful.

  3. Dang! That's a good deal. And Jonna passed that up at $11.88!! Well, atleast she's careful with her money. In my case, I would make some impulsive decision and buy them even if they didnt have my bigfoot size, then go hobblin' around with my new too small for me, cute, cheap shoes!