Monday, December 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Last Christmas, in the apartment, we were only able to use 2/3 of our tree because it was so tall and wide. This year, in the house, we are able to have the full tree which meant we needed to get some new ornaments. Dirk and I are very please with how the tree turned out. Here is the final tree and some of my favorite ornaments:

The Empire State Building

Eiffel Tower

A fun one that Dirk found

"First Year in the New Home" a Lenox ornament from my Aunt T

Simple, yet one of my favorite

Check back tomorrow for pics of our newest member of the family (the dog).


  1. YEAH FOR CHRISTMAS~!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys tonight! I love all the ornaments! Gosh... I seriously can't tell you how excited for you I am! :)

  2. Looks Great in it's fullness this year! ;o)

  3. Wow, the decorations are beautiful! Good job!

    Btw- where did you get the star on top. I have been looking all over for one and haven't found one.