Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pound Puppy

Well we did it, we're adding to our family. We adopted a dog from the Riverside Animal Shelter. I'm not going to show you pictures of him because he is rather tattered looking but here are some pics of what he will kind of look like. The shelter says he's a silky terrier but his ears aren't pointed like a silky terrier so I'm not totally sure, he looks more like a Yorkie to me. Anyway, he's 5 years old and we get to pick him up on Saturday. We need help naming the little guy. Please vote for a name on the right hand side of my blog. We'll share real pics of him and his new name when we get him on Saturday. We appreciate your help. :)

Here's an idea of what he MAY look like when he's all groomed:


  1. How crazy was that whole Bentley thing! I didnt believe Dirk when I suggested it and he said you had just said the same thing!

  2. I like Baxter. Have you seen the movie "The Baxter"? It has a bunch of dudes from Stella in it, pretty funny. I think you should go for butler names like Giles, Winston, Berthold, Jeeves, Godfrey, OR he does look a bit like the dog from Mary Poppins whose name is Andrew. If you must name him after a car, how about Audi!!

    (Sorry Dirk told me to comment with suggestions. I like names.)

  3. A-Dre that is totally crazy. I thought of it last night but Dirk thought I was kidding. I think it totally fits him. Crazy that we both thought of it, seeing as it's not a typical name.

    Jonna, I love the name Audi but we've thought of that as a nickname for a name we like for a baby girl WHEN we decide to have kids. I think it'd be weird to have the dog and baby with the same name. I totally agree with the butler names. I'm sure if you say them to Dirk he'll have some sort of joke for each of them. It's difficult to come up with names when he has a joke for everything, and you know he'd use the silly name everytime he called the dog.

  4. Ok,,, so consider this.... when you have to get his attention "quickly" what can you say loud and strong without sounding like you are kidding?

    Baxter is a good strong "boy" name and is easy to project and you can still baby talk him.

    Does this mean we get to vote on a name for your first born too or is "Cake" still his name?

    congrats to you........ it's good practice for the future of babies.

    d2 :)

  5. Try yelling "Berthold" sounding serious! Really Jonna?!

  6. Congrats on the new addition! Pound puppies are the best! We love our little guy :)

    Btw I like Bentley and someone said Winston- that name rocks.

  7. That lil guy is gonna be so cute! I love terriers! I had a scottish terrier once and he was such a good, loving and smart dog.
    I voted for Bentley just cuz he looks like he could be sitting in a fancy shmancy Bentley!
    For a butler name idea, I like Alfred. Then you could call him Alfie...or Alf(jk).
    Since you seem to like "B" names, I think Bronx is a cool, unique name.

  8. Adopting a 'pound puppy' is the most rewarding thing I ever did! The shelter I got my dog from was on Tuleta Street and somehow from Tuleta, I got to the name Delilah. Riverside Shelter is on Wilderness Ave., so maybe Wyle (as in Coyote)? LOL. When I looked at the pics of what he 'could' look like and "Jagger" jumped out at me for some reason. I'm sure whatever you choose, he'll be a very happy dog in a loving home! Good Luck!

  9. I'm loving all the names and I'm so excited you guys got a dog! I have to say though... I like Andrew alot, like the dog from Mary Poppins :) however, I do also love Winston and Baxter.

  10. Squeal!!!! I'm glad Bentley is winning. Totally a "Dirk-sounding" name.

    Can't wait to see photos of him.

  11. i like bentley the best!

    you know that baxter swenson is the one who married jack and debbie? so, i can't imagine that as the puppy's name.

    in addition, i so badly want a yorkie terrier!!! i've done a lot of research, and for us, right now, it'd be the best...

    a good option is to adopt. i didn't think of that. how old is the dog?

    we'll be out there around new year's day, so see you if we see you!

    by the way, at the thrift store, i got imaginiff (many moons ago)- 50% off! lol.

    yah baby!