Sunday, December 14, 2008

Praying for the Lamberths

There is power in prayer. I askedRobyn, a blogging friend and church friend, if I could post this. She just posted yesterday that her husband's cousin, Mark, was in a horrible accident and is in critical condition. If you attend Harvest and you don't know Robyn or David you may know Noah or Troy. They are involved in a lot of video aspects of Harvest. I am posting this so that you can all join in prayer for Mark, his wife and 6 year-old son, as well as the Lamberth family. To keep updated visit here. I know that your prayers will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Thanks for posting the link. Every bit of prayer helps and it has been so encouraging to see the body of Christ come to together in praying for the family. It has been an extremely difficult and emotional weekend, yet we are still rejoicing that God is STILL faithful, and that doesn't change. Thank you.

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  3. We're so saddened to hear of this. We're acquainted with Troy Lamberth's family because they attend a sister church of ours. I believe their son's name is Jackson also. We'll be upholding the family in prayer and pleading that God would be pleased to restore Mark to full health.