Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cryin' Shame

One of the most common ingredients required in recipes is - onions. There are tons of different types of onions and I while I understand the difference between a sweet onion and a "not-sweet" onion I've always wondered what the difference is between all of these onions and when I should use each one. I decided to do some research and heres what I found:

The Yellow Onion

Yellow onions are good to have on hand for stand-by. They are basically an all-purpose onion. They have a lot of flavor but are not overpowering. The white onion is similar in taste but the yellow onion doesn't carmelize as nicely as the white onion does. This onion also has higher amounts of sulfuric acid and therefore makes you cry more easily. If you're going to use this onion and you want to keep your eye makeup intact refrigerate the onion for 30 minutes before cutting.

The Red Onion

Best in fresh dishes. They are crisp, sweeter and have a lighter flavor. Red onions are also more aesthetically pleasing, obviously.

The White Onion

The white onion is most commonly used in Mexican foods because it is a tad more tangy than the yellow onion and, as mentioned earlier, it carmelizes better.

After my research I realized that it is best to have white or yellow onions on hand. Any type of sweet onion will rot very fast and so you need to buy them as you need them. Red onions are good for salads or charbroiled, on the BBQ or lightly cooked. Maybe you don't care about onions but I always wondered so...there you go!

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  1. "I'm not cryin', I've just been cutting onions, I'm making a lasagna… for one."

    Haha. Cool post. Nice tip about refrigerating them. They burn my eyes SO bad!