Monday, February 9, 2009

If San Antonio Sweeps Sacramento

In "My Best Friend's Wedding", my absolute favorite movie of all time, Jules asks Kimmy about where her and Michael are going on their honeymoon. Kimmy's answer: "It depends. If San Antonio sweeps Sacramento, we could start there. Or Phoenix. Or Indiana..." You see Kimmy's hubby-to-be is a sports writer and so he has to follow the sports news wherever it may go.

Why am I posting this? Because Dirk and I are in the same boat right now. As I'm sure you all know the nation is in a major budget crisis and our state is in an even bigger budget crisis. We are all being affected in some way. Dirk and I are affected because my job is in jeopardy. Due to Schwarzenegger's lack of a budget my school district is being forced to do away with classroom size reduction, as of right now. This means that at the very least 116 teachers will be laid off. The district is hoping to rescind the pink slips by May 15th but there's no way to know how much money we will be receiving from the State or the Feds for that matter, so there's no guarantee that I will have a job. This is a whole separate post.

Anyway, Coldplay is doing a North American tour this summer. They are playing near us in both Carson and San Diego, which is awesome BUT they are also playing in Portland, Oregon. Dirk and I wanted to go to Portland last summer but because Coldplay was in Vegas we went there instead. Our ideal summer is to do "Roadtrip 2009" and go to Portland and to visit his grandparents who live a few hours from Portland. We've never done a roadtrip together and we think it would be an awesome way to spend our summer vacation days. Well, if Sacramento (ie Schwarzenegger and his peeps) sweeps the darn budget and allows me to keep my amazing job then we'll be heading to Portland, if not, San Diego here we come! The bad news is I might be losing my job, the good news is that I will be able to see Coldplay...somewhere.

On another positive note, Chris Martin announced that they are going to release a new Christmas song in December. I heard it on 60 minutes last night and it sounds really good...of course! Watch the 12 minute video here.


  1. I just watched that movie when I was sick a few weeks back. Good stuff.

    The governator better not deprive the kids of Mrs. Dallas!! Hope you guys go to Portland!

  2. That movie was one of my favorite's growing up! I'm glad you explained that part though because I have to admit that I never got it before. :)
    I hope you can keep your job, If Sacramento sweeps the darn budget! haha. I'll be praying for you! And in the spirit of George, '...Maybe there won't be a job...maybe there won't be Portland...but by God, there'll be Coldplay!'

  3. I'll be praying that you won't be affected!

  4. Oh my goodness Justine! I seriously laughed out loud and I was alone. That was hilarious!!!

  5. Oh yikes. I'll pray about the whole school budgeting ish! And Justine is hilarious!

  6. I found your blog when I searched for "San Antonio sweeps Sacramento" - I love this movie and have seen it a million times but could NEVER tell what that meant!! Thank you!! And wish you well on your job situation!!