Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Constant


There's something about the moon that just really brings me peace. When the moon is looking exceptionally beautiful or original Dirk will say to me, "Look at your moon."

I can clearly recall moments in my life when the moon has really brought me peace and excitement, our engagement being one of those moments. After graduating high school I had the toughest year I had ever experienced. I remember specific times that I would sit outside and just look at the moon. It reminded me of God's faithfulness. I knew that even if I couldn't see the moon, it was there and that I could count on seeing it sometime soon. This is the same with God. I can't always see how He's working, and sometimes I don't feel His presence but I know that if I just remain faithful to His Word and communicating with Him, He will appear in miraculous ways.

Recently, Dirk and I have been going through what seems to be trial after trial, most on top of each other. Just when I begin to throw a pity party for myself, I am hit by some news of someone else's tragedy; the death of a loved one, a miscarriage, cancer, lost job, a lost house, financial hardships and then I feel foolish for being in the state of throwing myself a pity party. It seems like there are so many trials facing the church and those who are following closely after the Lord. At times, it is discouraging. My good friend Alyssa commented on my post Vividity of Life and said, "I know we are really going through the ringer. I think it is really reminding me to not just lift up my own requests to the the Lord, but to fervently pray for others as well." What she wrote really spoke to me (thanks, girl!) I see all of the chaos and frustrations in my own life right now and realize that there are so many others going through tough times. That doesn't mean that I can't be sad or upset about my circumstances but it means that I need to be praying fervently for others as well as myself.

The moon is constantly changing appearances to us but always remains the same moon. In the same way, I have "seen" God in some of the most amazing circumstances like my wedding day but have also "seen" Him most clearly in some really dreary times. The circumstances in which He seems the most real fluctuates but He always remains the same. During these difficult times for all of us I pray that we can join together as one united body of Christ, putting aside all differences to pray for one another and love on each other. It's not about who we are, it's about what God does through us. I'm not writing this as an admonition but instead as a lesson to myself. God is constant, our circumstances are not. May He be glorified in all I do!


  1. I feel the same way about the moon but I didn't know what it was that fascinated me and brought me that peace. You have put the right words to my thought!! It does show the faithfulness of the Lord!! He has been showing me this for the last couple of years that my family has been going through really hard times!! But just as we know the moon is always there weather we can see it or not, the Lord is there as well!! He is even more faithfull!!