Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuck Between the Past and the Present

Lately I've felt like I can't quite figure out where I stand. I'm not the young, hip person that many 25 year olds are. I don't go "clubbin'" or on a night out on the town. Most weekends involve dinner and a movie along with cleaning the house, grading papers and planning for the next week. On the flip side, I do still have a desire to be "young." Dirk and I talked about what that means. When someone asks us what we do for fun we just sort of look at each other and say, "Weeeellll, we've been really busy." The past couple weeks we've been doing more to get out and have fun but it's so easy to just get into the habits of taking care of business; cleaning the house, planning meals, preparing for the coming week, etc.

In being stuck between the past and the present I have such a hard time buying clothes and shoes. As a teacher I am surrounded by "older" women. Not old women just women that are in their 40s who are established and who have been teaching for a long time. Although it may be a stereotype there are teachers at my school who wear things like this:

and maybe someday I will too, but for now I'm still stuck between dressing like this:

and this:

I want to wear cute clothes but I have to be careful where I shop because some of my students fit in the junior sizes and have some of the same shirts and shoes that I have. I feel like I need to dress more "mature" at work but then when it's time to go out I feel like I have nothing to wear because all of my clothes are "work clothes." I'm going shopping today so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping to find a few pieces that I can wear to work yet dress up to go out. Hopefully I don't just get frustrated and give up!

Here some styles I like that I think I can switch up for work or play:


  1. #1. amazing post!
    #2. for some reason I can't see the pictures at work... GAH! but I'm sure you'll do great. Good Luck today! Wish I could go with you!

  2. wait until you get pregnant! I am in this faze that the only things that fit are my maternity clothes, (which I don't have a ton of) and I don't want to go out and by new clothes because I will only be like this another 2 months. Come April (or most likely May) I am shedding the limited about of clothes I have, and getting new clothes. I can't wait!!!

  3. This is a really good post! It's hard to know where exactly we fit at this 25 year old stage in life. I think that when you and Dirk aren't busy you guys have alot to say about what you do for fun.
    By the way, please do not resort to teacher sweaters!! I think the clothes you posted are really cool.

  4. Gosh I hate that! I have "work" clothes and then I have "non-work" clothes... but I feel like I dont have enough of either!

  5. I feel your pain. That varying categories of clothing thing hasn't ever subsided for me either. First it was work and school, now it's at home (basically pajamas), running errands (basic shirts and jeans) and then there's the church/date with the hubby category which is very sparse right now.

    When we get together though I have 2 adorable jackets for you that I'll never fit into anymore. I wore them when I was working and they dressed up simple tops very well. I think you'll fit them perfectly!