Saturday, February 28, 2009

You're Killin' Me Smalls

Sandlot, a great movie and the perfect word to describe my backyard. Well, some very gracious and loving friends helped make part of our backyard a gorgeous beauty by building us a deck. The side of the yard on the hand, well, here it is...

When I was about 15 years old my mom told myself and my friend Elaine that she would pay us if we pulled the weeds in the front yard and helped take care of the flower beds. My friend Elaine and I, in desperate "need" of money, agreed to do it. Now you see, this was a big feat for me. I was the kid that whenever mom and dad said, "This Saturday we're all working out in yard." I begged and pleaded with them to allow me to clean the WHOLE house from top to bottom if I could just NOT have to work outside. My parents usually agreed and mom always threw in, "That means you're doing the laundry too." (my mom hates laundry). I always ended up cleaning up after all 7 of us and doing all 7 family members' laundry. For some reason this was more enjoyable than working out in the dirty, hot, boring yard. Well, Elaine and I worked all day pulling weeds and making the flower beds look pretty. As we neared the end I went to take this large, black, extremely heavy trash bag to the trash can. My mom stopped me and said, "Alicia, what are you throwing away?" My response, "Oh, there was too much dirt out here so I'm throwing it away." My mom was, of course, quite amused. I reluctantly had to bring the heavy bag back to her and put the dirt back into the flower beds. This shows you exactly how much I love gardening.

I have literally killed every plant I've ever bought or have been given, mostly because I forget to water it. Well, I'm hoping that my rough gardening past can be turned around. I know my mom is thinking, "I told you so" because I always said that I would hire a gardner to do ANY yard work that ever needed to be done and she would always say to me, "Just wait until you have your own house, you'll enjoy gardening." I'm really hoping she's right.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am starting to realize, now that I've finished grad. school, that I don't have a hobby. I enjoy scrapbooking but easily get distracted from it. I enjoy blogging but there's only so much blogging one can do, especially when you're as boring as I am. I'm hoping that gardening can become a new hobby for me. I LOVE to cook so I'm hoping that my love for cooking will help inspire a new love for growing food. We'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I am the same way! Jon on the other hand really likes working outside, and every plant I have killed he brings back. So funny!

  2. Yes, I too have shared in the murders of many a flower. Your yard looks pretty sunny, that is great! My yard get very little direct sunlight, and a a lot of shade. I've compiled a list of flowers/plants/vegetables that are dog friendly too! Make sure you check that, cause I was surprised at what things are poisonous!