Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Couple Who Cooks Together...

Eats Together.

We have had the privilege of having some absolutely amazing weather here in So. Cal. and Dirk and I have taken advantage of that weather to do some barbecuin', well Dirk does the barbecuin' while I do the other stuff. Anyway, we started our BBQ adventures with some Carne Asado from Trader Joes.

Dirk grilled the chicken while I cut up the fixin's for some soft tacos, warmed up some tortillas, cooked up some Mexican Rice and some refried beans. The chicken is SO yummy, the price is right, and the package will definitely feed a couple, twice plus some. After conquering our fears of barbecuing we decided to "kick it up a notch."

I found this recipe for grilled chicken and tapenade sandwiches. It was SO delicious! The "tapenade" is really like a bruschetta and is so yummy that we were brainstorming all of the different ways that we can use it. Overall, the meal was really easy, really healthy and SUPER yummy. The unfortunate part was that I was sick that day so instead of having a homemade side dish we made Trader Joes' garlic fries, minus the garlic. I checked the Trader Joes Fan website and all of the reviews said that the garlic packet was VERY overwhelming even for garlic lovers. While we love garlic we didn't want to smell like garlic all day so we opted out of the garlic package. These were seriously the best frozen fries I've ever had; super crispy on the outside, potatoey on the inside...YUM!

Here's the "tapenade" after it was all made

And the sandwich with fries:


  1. That reminds me of that bruschetta you made a while back. SO GOOD!!! You are a dinner making machine.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Alex and I totally bought the curry chicken last night! :)

    So, double date soon?! yes, please.

  3. Those trader joe chickens sound good! so simple too! Paul and I will have to try them! Did you serve the curry with rice?

  4. I guess I should clarify that we didn't use the Trader Joe's chicken for the sandwiches after re-reading it all I realized that I didn't clarify that.