Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have always really liked letterpressed stationary but lately I've just been loving of all the various styles and whimsical characteristics that a lot of letterpressed stationary has. I thought I'd share some of my faves.

These are some fancy schmancy baby announcements from Egg Press.

I love these baby announcements from ELUM. First of all, I LOVE the color combo, two of my favorite colors, and the floral embellishments aren't too girly but not too boring either. I LOVE it!

This next one I am totally envious of. I don't love the actual letterpress on this specific invitation BUT I would have loved to have had my invitations on wood. HELLO! Amazing! Probably really expensive too, I didn't even look at the price, anyway this one is from Night Owl Paper Goods.

It took me forever to decide which one of my favorites to share from 9spotmonk. You really should check out their website because, unlike a lot of other letterpress designers, 9spotmonk uses really vibrant colors that really just POP.

Definitely can't go wrong with pirate monkeys from Hello Lucky.

There are tons of other designs I could share with you but then I'll be here all night and you'll be bored.

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  1. Nice entry of all the artistic cards ;-)
    Thank you for the anniversary blessings...looking forward to getting away tomorrow!