Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I decided, just for fun, to do a new favorite of the week. Kind of a review but also just a way for me to share with you the things I'm loving. It's not that you care, it's just that I can :)

My first ever favorite post is.....drum roll please.......

I got a free 1-year subscription to Everyday Food after reviewing 5 of my wedding vendors on the Wedding Wire website. If you are recently married you can go to this website, review 5 of your vendors and get a FREE 1-Year subscription to Everyday Food.

My favorite part of this magazine is the clean design. It contains a lot of clean pictures and clean cut lines with fresh colors. I also love that it's a small magazine, think Prevention. It is easy to take with me on the go and easily fits into my purse without getting all smooshed. Of course the main thing to love is the content. So far, out of my 3 issues, the recipes have been very tasty and really easy. I used to subscribe to Cooking Light but I found that the recipes were often too time consuming for my weekday meals and I didn't care for all of the articles included in the magazine. Everyday Food seems to meet all of my wants and desires for a food magazine. I highly suggest you check it out!

If you can't get it free, you can go here to get 7 issues for $12. Trust me, it is the best tasting $12 you will ever spend.

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