Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gardening Day One

Spring has sprung, Spring Break that is. My goal for Spring Break is to plant my vegetable garden. Dirk and I went on a quest on Friday to find pink gardening tools but unfortunately didn't have any luck so I settled on the baby blue ones. How do stores not have pink gardening tools?

Yesterday I observed the areas of my backyard that get full sun (5-6 hours worth of sun). There was only one section that got at the most 4.5 hours of sun so that's where the garden is going.

Today I cultivated the earth with my ergonomic cultivator. Actually I just played in the dirt but cultivating the earth sounds like I'm so knowledgeable. I picked all the weeds and took out the massive rocks, corn nut wrappers, cigarettes and cement left over by the builders. Then I prepped the ground for a drainage test. My good friend Melissa sent me a link to a Better Homes and Gardens article all about planting a vegetable garden. Here's what it says about the drainage test:

"It's best to test the soil before you begin digging. Check drainage soaking the soil with a hose, waiting a day, then digging up a handful of soil. Squeeze the soil hard. If water streams out, you'll probably want to add compost or organic matter to improve the drainage is poor.

Next, open your hand.
If the soil hasn't formed a ball, or if the ball falls apart at the slightest touch, you'll soil is probably sandy. (Add organic matter to improve sandy soil.)
If the ball holds together even if you poke it fairly hard, you have too much clay in your soil. (Organic matter improves clay soil, too.)
But if the ball breaks into crumbs when you poke it -- like a chocolate cake -- rejoice! Your soil is ideal.

If your soil doesn't drain well, your best bet will probably be to install raised beds."

So tomorrow I am going to test my soil and see what kind of TLC it needs. My mom and I are also going to the nursery to get soil and pick out the plants. So exciting!!!

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  1. That's sounds like fun! I know you'll get a lot of good use for the vegetables with all of your interesting recipes. Hope the soil is good :)