Saturday, April 25, 2009

Karen Allen Salon & Spa

Today I invested my future child's college education in a haircut and color. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Karen Allen Salon and Spa in the Galleria at Tyler. I had a great experience but I don't think I'll go there again.

My hair hasn't been my natural color since early high school, maybe even earlier than that. At this point I really want to go back to my natural color...dirty blonde...I think?! I'm so tired of having dark roots and paying money to keep up with my hair. So, I decided that this drastic change needed the help of a real professional. This Aveda salon is definitely professional but very pricey!!!!

Upon entering the salon I was warmly greeted by the staff which totally threw me off. Aren't all well groomed, black-wearing, hair and make-up artists supposed to be snobbish and rude? Well, I found that the snobbish attitude is a bad stereotype given to the beauty industry by M.A.C. cosmetics. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but every time I go to buy my favorite eye shadows, the girls at the M.A.C. counter seem annoyed with me. Karen Allen's staff was warm and friendly. I was handed a card to fill out my information and asked to choose my two complimentary services: a short, back and neck massage; hand and arm massage; make-up touch up; foot soak; or chakra balance (didn't ask what that was exactly, but I know that the chakras are the centers of energy in yoga). I was also offered water or hot tea, nice!

I literally waited no time at all before I was greeted by my stylist, Lori. She introduced herself and shook my hand. She was very sweet and warm. We talked about what I was looking for and she got right to work.

The salon smells like a spa and nothing like hair dye or hair spray. It was very relaxing. As I talked to Lori she explained that the Karen Allen salon trains their employees at least monthly on the latest trends and new techniques. She also explained that they are paid hourly and by commission without being charged for rental fees or product, that's almost of unheard of in the hair industry! Everyone there seemed really knowledgeable and really worked together as a team.

My hair color and cut did take a LONG time (4 hours) but it was worth it. While the color was setting I received a neck and back massage and an arm and hand massage. I'm such a darn chicken, I didn't tell the girl that she wasn't applying enough pressure but I felt bad because she had already worked hard on my hair. Oh well.

After all was said and done I walked out with somewhat dirty blonde hair, an a-line cut, and was $160 less rich. Poor future Dallas-child is going to have to forego an entire semester of college textbooks because his mom was selfish and spent 160 buckaroos on a haircut and color. Aye!


  1. But their mama will look good! :)

  2. Your hair looks cute (saw it on FB). That's where my sister got her hair did. Her stylist was really nice and they gave her a coupon so she walked out for like $40 (no color though). I'm thinking of going there, I'm eons overdue for a haircut. Why did you say you probably wouldn't go back? The money and 4-hour length? Just wondering since I might go there.

  3. Jonna,
    I did enjoy myself, I just didn't feel that it was at all worth the money. If you have a coupon or are getting only a haircut then maybe it's worth it. My hair color started washing out in the shower too. Not cool! Seing as I've only been there once I would get info from others who've been there several times. I've heard a lot of great things from there, I'm just cheap :)