Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break/Gardening Day Two

So far my Spring Break is off to an amazing start! Usually during my breaks I'm so exhausted from teaching that I end up staying home every day and not doing much. So far I've been really productive.

My day started at 8:30, I slept in to get my "magical 8" and felt pretty good about getting up at 8:30. I started the day by doing my devotions and sipping coffee. It really doesn't get any better than that. My devotion time was so sweet and precious to me this morning, I miss being able to leisurely sit at the Lord's feet and hear from Him. After my devotions I got ready and headed out for a girl's day with my mom. First we went to a store in Rancho Cucamonga called Home Goods. This store is amazing!!! They have a lot of really nice, really interesting home goods for very reasonable if not inexpensive prices. It was tempting to buy the whole store but I just brought home a few things.

This for the kitchen...only $5!

And these things for the living room. Tall vase: $14.99 (thanks mom!) Short Black Vase/Candleholder: $9.99 Yankee Candle: $7.99

We then went to Olive Garden for lunch where I tried their new Chicken & Gnocchi soup.
It was okay but my favorite is still the Zuppa Toscana.

After shopping and stuffing our faces we went to the Parkview Nursery. I am SO excited to get my garden started!!! I bought all sorts of fun stuff! I bought three different types of tomatoes, one of which grows like grape bunches. I also bought a "chocolate beauty" which is a brownish bell pepper that is supposed to be really sweet. Here's a pic I found online:

I also bought cucumbers, zucchini, basil, rosemary, oregano and marigolds (marigolds keep the aphids away from the veggies). I still want to get a strawberry plant and some thyme but the nursery didn't have either one. I am going to start planting tomorrow but until then I laid out the plants the way I think I will plant them. Look for an update tomorrow!!!


  1. I love Home Goods! You guys really need to stop coming through Rancho without saying hello :)

    How did the soil test turn out?

  2. First off, thanks for the tips about marigolds! They're not puppy safe but I never let her out without me being there so I think I'm going to pick some up. Also, I'm loving the gardening posts!

    My mother in law is an avid fan of Home Goods. I now know every Southern CA location, yes she's visited all of them as to give adequate reviews of her favorite haha. That store is awesome!

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