Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Heart Candor

During a married couples, small group training last year, Pastor Daniel talked about being real. I had never realized how unreal I am at times. Daniel explained that we need to make sure that, as leaders, our homes are tidy but we don't need to show perfection, no one is perfect and it can be discouraging to others when you appear to be perfect.

I am a perfectionist at heart. It's not that I'm super organized, I wish I was, but it is that whatever I do I have to do whole-heartedly. If I'm going to clean the kitchen I can't just straighten up, I need to clean the microwave, bleach the countertops, clean out the toaster oven, buff the fridge, mop the floors, etc. This is more of a curse than it is a blessing. I envy Dirk who can straighten up around the house without anything bothering him.

Anyway, when reading a blog I really appreciate and follow candid, truthful blogs. I do not appreciate those bloggers who toot their own horns, make themselves seem like they know people they don't, or act as people they're not. I like to read blogs about people who fail and make light of the situation. I like to read about real life situations that happen to all of us and how people deal with it. I try my hardest to be real here. I hope I do a good job of it. I never want to come across as someone who thinks they've got it all together, in fact my whole purpose of this blog is to share my life, my REAL life, my shortcomings, my struggles, my failures.

Some of the blogs that I really appreciate for their candidness are:
Matt Logelin

Diaper Monologues

The Atypical Life


  1. I love Matt's blog! He doesn't edit out life events from his blog. If it happened, he writes about. Like accidently locking Maddie in the car. She is also super cute as well.

  2. Hi there! Oh wow... thank you. I mostly blog because I cannot afford a therapist :-) I have to admit though that I have the same issue when I clean our apartment - especially if we are going to have people over. My mother used to do the same thing - stress out and clean like maniac every time before we had guests. We all hated it. And the last thing I want is turn into my mother :-) I have people coming over this Thursday... and I might just leave a few things untouched and take a nap instead.