Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Heart Food!

Just in case you didn't already know I love to cook and I love food. The other day, while I was perusing my usual blogs I stumbled across Apartment Therapy's site, The Kitchn. I couldn't believe that I hadn't seen this website before.

Here are a few things I love from their site:
I've always snapped my asparagus, apparently this is not the best way to trim the ends. Click here to see the article.

The Seasonal Spotlights are a good reference to veggies and fruits that are in season and how to use them.

Some other kitchen links I love right now:

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  1. I love that blog! (Much like Apt Therapy they have too many posts to even read everyday.) Last week they posted a chart of foods and how long they last when refrigerated or frozen. So genius, I've been looking for something like that forever!