Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Heart My Hubby

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MAN OH MAN! I know it's been awhile. We just haven't been able to stay caught up with life. We've had tons of birthdays, several graduations and Dirk was gone for almost a week in South Dakota. Amongst all that chaos Dirk and I celebrated 2 years of marriage on the 19th of this month. May is such a big month for us as far as our relationship goes. It was 9 years ago on our wedding day that we left for Australia which is where our friendship started. May 3rd marked 8 years of being together and then of course the 19th of 2007 was our wedding day. It is amazing to see how God has worked in us and through us during the past 9 years.

In honor of our 2 year wedding anniversary I thought I'd share 10 things that I love about Dirk.

* He stops to pray with me often and is constantly praying for me.

* He does his devotions daily and shares with me what he learns.

* He's proactive in all things related to the house.

* He puts me first. I never have to fight for his time, he freely gives it to me.

* He would rather spend money on me than spend money on himself, even when I fight it.

* He lets me know he appreciates me. I never feel under-appreciated.

* He listens to me rant and rave and helps hold me up when I'm falling apart.

* He makes eye contact with me across a crowded room.

* He takes care of our finances but still lets me know what's going on.

* He loves me unconditionally and let's me know it.

Well that's 10. I could go on forever but I'm sure I've already bored you to death. Thanks babe for being an amazing hubby. I love you so much and so glad that we are best buds. Go Team Dallas!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! God has brought together a beautiful union in you two.