Sunday, May 17, 2009


So it's not official but Dirk and I are talking seriously about taking a road trip up the coast to Oregon this summer. I'm so excited. I've never been on a real road trip where we can just stop where we want and try new and interesting things. One of the best sites I've found for road trip planning is Rand McNally. All you have to do is input where you are coming from where you are going and where you want to stop and it tells you how long it will take, how many miles it is, etc. So very cool.

I've literally seen NOTHING up the coast. I haven't even to been to San Fran. I'm so excited to experience CA with the hubby. So far I want to stop in San Fran and Big Sur. I'm also going to be researching must-have foods along the way. For those of you who have been up the coast, is there anything that you think is going to be a must-see? Any foods that one must stop for? Any input is appreciated.


  1. Ooh fun! I've been up as far as San Francisco. I've always wanted to visit Fort Bragg. I always hear how pretty it is that the redwoods grow right up to the coast. How fun!

  2. I would love to share my most favorite place to have a nice dinner in San Fran. My first visit was back in 1983 where I accidentally stumbled upon this very famous historic restaurant. Every visit to San Fran since than has included a stop for dinner here. You know how difficult it is to feed Darwin and even he loved it. Similar to Lawry's Prime Rib but a little better in my opinion.

    If you are going up the coast I found visiting the BIG Apple complex very interesting in Cupertino.

    Road trips are a blast! Hope you get to go.

  3. Right over the Cali border is Ashland, Oregon- the city my mom lives in. It is full of charm and is a perfect downtown spot to spend an afternoon. :) and they have one of the best vintage shops Ive ever been in hee hee :)