Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dwelling on Food

Dirk and I went to the Dwell on Design exhibition today and it was SO much fun. We saw a lot of really cool things but the best part was the food forum "The Food Network: Social Media and the Way We Eat." You all know that I love food and everything about food.

All of the presenters were really cool but my favorite was Sarah Gim. She created the website Tastespotting.

I have never heard of this site but it is amazing!!! She talked about how she and a few other people started the site for themselves and it totally took off. Basically you can go on this site, type in almost any word related to food and you will be given amazing pictures and often some killer recipes, like this one.

I'm really excited to plan this week's meals using at least one new recipe from this glorified search engine. I was totally inspired!


  1. I checked out that website....the one that sounds like Trainspotting.
    It looks awesome! I hope their recipes are as awesome as the pictures of them. Thanks for sharing that link. I look forward to seeing what different cool websites you discover!

  2. oooo! I can't wait to get familiar with this site!! I am reordering our repertoire of meals at the Teune house and this will help so much!