Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eating My Emotions

I was never an emotional eater and food was never really a reward for me until a couple years ago. Now, I am realizing that I totally eat my emotions. My one big emotional binge is Entenmann's cinnamon powdered "pop'ettes", among other things.

It's the weirdest thing, I'm not even really into sweets but oh those yummy donuts. These things are highly unhealthy. 3 mini donuts have 23% of your daily fat intake along with hydrogenated vegetable oil and who knows what else. The nutrition facts for 3 donuts is not horrific but when I buy these things I can guarantee I will not eat just 3. Oh no, I've got to eat at least 5 in one sitting and usually with a glass of milk. Why is it that "comfort" food is always so unhealthy and so heavy?

I'm curious to know what your comfort food is. Do tell!


  1. I totally will eat my emotions at times too. And those donuts remind me of the donuts we would get at lunchtime in highschool.
    My favorite emotion eating food is icecream! I could easily go through a tub if Im not careful. heh :/
    So Dirks icecream collection would be a bad idea for me. :)
    I like cookies too.

  2. mmmmm Chic-Fil-A. It's like 1500 calories in the meal I get.

  3. Pizza! And that goes for every emotion... happy, sad, frustrated... I will take it anytime!