Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dolls and ribbons and bows

If you haven't yet heard IT'S A GIRL! I was 90% sure it was a boy but it is absolutely, 100% certain that it's a little girl. Dirk and I are both elated, although I think Dirk is a little more excited than I am. Finding out the sex has really made it "real" for him. He is so super excited to have his little princess and is already being the best daddy ever. It's too cute.

Of course our family's are super excited. I am the only girl in my immediate family and there hasn't been a girl born into the Dallas family in over 60 years. I totally had a boy's nursery all planned out in my head but now I'm so excited to get started on planning our little girl's nursery.

The first thing I wanted to do was go shopping. Unfortunately, our week has been crazy so we didnt' get to go shopping. BUT I did go to Target today and bought this adorable dress by Dwell Studio. It looks red in the picture but really it's a bright pink.

I was searching Etsy today and found this amazing seller: bitOwhimsy

Are those not the cutest beanies ever? I am so buying one (or more). They are just too cute. I'm so excited to buy girly things :)

Thank you to all of you who voted on our poll. I am going to put it in the baby's scrapbook.


  1. Love that dress from Dwell. They have the cutest stuff.

    Again, congratulations!

  2. That dress is SUPER CUTE!!! That's really cool that you guys are having the first female Dallas in 60 years!

  3. Little girls are so much fun! I know so many people who have there first as a girl and then the 2nd baby a boy ;)

  4. Go GIRLS!!!!

    1) that dress is uber cute
    2) I LOVE those beanies!
    3) Seriously, so excited for you guys.