Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Healthy Eating is...Ugh

Dirk and I just finished watching the movie Food Inc. It was very informative but also very frustrating. Living in Riverside, CA you really have to make a choice: either eat organic or eat inexpensive, you definitely can't do both. With the hope that I will be able to stay home with baby, I'm trying to figure out now how to cut back our grocery list and it is not easy when you don't buy the processed foods that coupons promote.

The main idea of Food Inc. is that we, as consumers, have a responsibility to know where our food comes from. We may think it doesn't matter but in reality, how our food is handled can cause or prevent diseases and food-borne illnesses, along with providing unneeded hormones and chemicals that are detrimental to our bodies. After watching the movie, Dirk and I were inspired to make wise food choices and to choose organic sources for our food. Well, that is easier said than done. Organic chicken isn't sold at the large grocery store chains and even at Trader Joes it is SO expensive. Organic milk is the same way. At Ralphs I can get a gallon of "regular" 2% milk for about $2.75 or I can get a gallon of organic for $7. Trader Joes does have cheaper organic milk but I don't always make it to both Ralphs and Trader Joes. Living in Riverside, I feel like we're stuck. We don't have any reasonably priced organic or locally grown food options. What's a person to do?


  1. There is a website where you can find your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm www.localharvest.org, to buy locally and often with out the added "junk." Also, Fresh and Easy can be good for certain items (meat, dairy and breads). Have you considered growing fruits and vegetables?

  2. 3 ideas we use:

    -Do you have a Henry's? Their produce is soooo cheap and on Wednesdays they honor the sale prices of the new week's ad and last week's ad. So we shop there on Wed. evenings and it's kind of like a fun weekly routine now.
    -Stater Bros. has been rolling out more organic items that are pleasantly affordable. I think the brand is called Full Circle?

    I haven't figured out how to get cheap organic milk but if you can save money in other areas like using coupons for household items (check out my personal blog for a post on my new way of shopping with coupons like a crazy coupon lady) and using cloth diapers (that will literally save you thousands over a period of 3 years. I'm doing it with Ella now and it's really not hard or gross. I swear!) you can afford $7 a gallon milk.

    Girl we have to get together so we can gab about all this. I spent the last 3 years honing ways to save money so I can stay home and I love to share my tips :)

  3. Did you look at farmers markets around Riverside? I know that's one thing that Food Inc. said to do. They said that farmers markets would be good places to go because they're grown locally and you don't have all of the hidden costs.

  4. I was also going to suggest looking at CSA's. We have a door to door organic company in KC
    Not sure if they have something similar in CA-but with a baby soon to be home, its extra nice that they deliver it to your house!

  5. Have you guys gone to Goodwin's? It's kind of near UCR, they're a like a mini Whole Foods, they have organic chicken, and yes, it is really expensive. There is also a new Sprouts in the Mission Grove area. I know they're both a little far from you guys for weekly shopping, but they're a lot closer than the LA area.

    There are also a few farmers markets… I know there is one Friday mornings in the Sears parking lot on Arlington, and another on Saturday mornings in downtown.

  6. I think Kaiser Permanante hospitals have farmer's markets every Friday too and they're open to the public not just staff.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm going to be looking into all of these links tonight!