Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Fat

For those of you that have been pregnant you know that pregnancies come with a lot of highs and lows. Today is a low day for me. I recently had a doctor's appointment where the doctor basically told me I'm fat. Yeah, that was fun. I gained 7 pounds in 5 weeks which is apparently way too much. I'm so frustrated.

There have been so many cravings that I could have given into but never did because I am so weight conscious. We don't eat out very often and I try to plan my meals for the day so that I get all the nutrients I need. The doctor told me the foods I'm eating are too high in calories like peanut butter and jelly for lunch once or twice a week. When I told her that for snack I have granola and a banana she told me that I shouldn't be eating both of those for a snack that they both have a lot of calories. Okay, great! Thanks for telling me what I'm NOT supposed to be doing, then WHAT IS IT I SHOULD BE DOING???? I'll admit I don't exercise like I should so I suppose that should change, it's just so hard because I come home from working with 36 kids all day and the last thing I want to do is exercise!

It's such a frustrating battle. I honestly felt like I was doing good. I can still wear some of my regular clothes and when I buy maternity clothes I'm still fitting in a size 2 with room to grow, even in the "non-pregnant" areas of my body. I guess it's time to get out a pencil and paper and figure out what I should be eating for every meal and snack every day. Like I have time for this. Any tips mommies out there?


  1. All Recipes has a free app. It has modifiers for certain diets.

  2. Alicia, oh my gosh girl! Here is a gentle slap in the face ****. First of all those snacks are healthy as long as the granola and jelly is not full of high fructose corn syrup. If they have that then you can just switch to a brand that doesn't. You should really ask your Bradley instructor about that doctor's comment. You need certain nutrients at certain points in the baby's development and as long as you're getting them healthfully then YOU ARE FINE. Repeat after me, "I'm doing great. I'm doing the best I can. Being in a class all day on my feet is exercise in itself. I will check ingredients and resist junk food cravings rather than focus on weight gain."

    Ok, I'll leave you alone now :)Pep talk over.

  3. So, Im not a doctor or anything but I have looked up lots of healthy eating plans and I have taken 1 nutrition class. WHich means...i pretty much know nothing, BUT, everytime I read up on healthy diets they always mention peanut butter as a healthy snack or lunch item. Such as pb and whole wheat crackers, or pb and j, or pb smoothies. It is high in fat, but its a good fat and it gives you energy, just a little bit can go a long way. I really like eating trail mix as a snack, like almonds and dried fruit. But nuts contain alot of fat too, so I try have variety with my snacks, like have veggies with hummus or even a cup of hot cocoa can be a good snack.
    Again, I've never been pregnant either so maybe I should just shutup. but Anywayz, your one of the tiniest pregnant ladies I know so whatev's. :)

  4. Thanks Allison! You're totally right. I do need to start exercising more to prepare for the "marathon" of child birth but you're very right about everything you said. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing all of your info on your blog! It has been very helpful.

    Justine, you are too hilarious. Thanks for your nutritional advice :)

    Alyssa, I'll have to check out that app. Thanks :)