Monday, November 30, 2009


Aside from the fact that I've been laying on the couch for the past three days sick, I am totally motivated to get this house organized and in "perfect" condition before baby arrives. Earlier this year Dirk and I painted the living room and have since decided that we don't like the darker color we painted one of the walls so we need to repaint it. This weekend we're planning on repainting the wall and getting the living room more "put together."

We just got a whole new bedroom set, so the old set is going into the guest room. We need to get the guest room set up and put the finishing touches on our bedroom. Then it will be time to start baby's nursery. With all of this motivation to get the house ready, I have NO motivation to do anything for work outside of work. I literally just want to be home, deep cleaning and doing baby things and crafts and baking.

The good news is that I only have three weeks of work until Christmas break and then when I come back to work I only work for two more months and baby will be here. It will all fly by and I'm getting so excited for it all. This Wednesday marks the beginning of my third trimester. No more than 14 weeks until this baby will be born!!!

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