Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby's First Phone Call

I follow a blog called Mommy Brain. I started to follow this blog when Jen, the writer of the blog, was pregnant with her adorable baby girl named Jane. Jen posts all sorts of things; from product reviews, to cute pictures of Jane, to typical worries and concerns of a new mother. Her blog has been a real encouragement to read and Dirk loves the interviews that she does with her hubby.

During the Christmas season Jen had quite a few things that she was giving away. I tried to win a few things but with no success until Christmas Eve. Jen was giving away a gift certificate for "Baby's First Phone Call." It is such an amazing idea and I was really hoping that I'd win and I did!

Here's what Baby' says:

"Baby's First Phone Call is an automated call tree that allows you to notify all of your friends and family of the arrival of your bundle of joy without the hassle of making dozens of individual phone calls, or leaving some friends and family to find out second- or third-hand.

With Baby's First Phone Call, you set up an account before your baby is born—when you still have a moment of time to yourself—and enter the names and phone numbers of all the people you want to notify when the baby arrives. Then, after the baby is born, you make a single phone call and leave a personal voice-mail message of any length with all the details you want to share.

Not only can you tell your friends and family when your little bundle arrived, you can share information such as the hospital and room number you're in and whether and when you'd like to receive visitors.

Our system places calls to each of the phone numbers in your account. If the person answers the phone they hear your happy message. If they don't answer, the message is left on their voicemail or answering machine. In either case, there is an option for them to leave you a return message that you can pick up at your convenience."

Dirk and I will be updating a blog for baby Dallas as we are laboring at home and at the hospital but Baby's First Phone Call will be such a help in announcing her final arrival to those who don't have access to the computer all day. I'm so excited to get things set up and of course to announce baby Dallas' arrival to the whole world. A big thank you to Jen and Baby's First Phone Call!

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