Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby's Room

We finally chose Baby Dallas' bedding. Dirk and I are almost always on the same page and love the same things, the problem is that we are SO picky. We didn't want anything too baby or too grown up and we didn't want it to look like someone threw Pepto-Bismol all over the room.

Here's what we finally decided on:

The picture is pretty busy but it won't be so busy when it's in her room. The crib will go on a different wall than the window and we're not going to get everything in the room. The trouble we're having now is finding ways to decorate the room. Dirk and I are both in love with letterpress posters and the alphabet right now but we can't seem to find anything in the colors of her room. How hard is it to find black, white and red posters? Lime green? We've bought a few odds and ends on etsy and other places but we really need to find some art work. Have you seen anything that might go with our theme?


  1. Hey girlie!

    First of, so excited that you guys picked that room... it's uber cute.

    Second, I can't wait to see your belly and of course you... this Saturday.

    Third, I found a few of these letterpress and letterpress-esque things on etsy and thought I'd share:

    1) By far my favorite -[]=tags&includes[]=title








    Hope you find something!

  2. Nat good finds!!! I especially love #2 & #7!

  3. So cute! I love it! Non-traditional is always way more awesome!

  4. Love it all! I wish I was this creative when it was time to decorate Adah's room!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is the same bedding Jon and I fell in love with but two years ago it was only available in one of the higher end stores and was out of our price range! I'm so jealous - I still LOVE it! Awesome, awesome, awesome!