Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Call Me Scrooge

As pathetic as it may sound, my first encounter with "A Christmas Carol" was the version with Scrooge McDuck. There are so many movies that remind me of my childhood Christmas. Movies like Santa and the Three Bears which you can watch in full lengthhere;

White Christmas Who doesn't love Danny Kaye???

And of course you can't forget all of the claymation movies like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Clause is coming to Town and Frosty the Snowman, which is not claymation but somehow gets bundled up with those movies.

This year we are keeping to Christmas traditions BUT we're not decorating. I can't even believe I'm admitting that but it's true. I'm totally in the Christmas spirit but I also have this incredible urge to deep clean things and organize and prepare the house for the arrival of Baby Dallas in approximately 76 more days. Dirk asked if I wanted to put the tree up and I told him that as long as he is fine with not putting it up I am too. I'd rather spend the time it takes to put the tree up and down cleaning something or painting or unpacking the final boxes that we have in our guest bedroom (yes, I still have some packed boxes from our move in Oct.of '08)

When we moved into our house I was still in the credential program, teaching full time and had volunteered for practically every extra curricular activity at our school. I was so bogged down with work that the house never got put together. I kept telling myself, when summer comes everything will get put together. Well, summer came and I found out I was pregnant and about two weeks after that I was officially exhausted and had no motivation to organize and decorate. Now that the baby is on her way here all I want to do is organize and decorate. Our master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room are almost finished, they just need a few finishing touches. The guest room is on it's way there and the baby's room and Dirk's office are on hold until everything else gets done. I'm so excited to have an organized, decorated home that feels like it's put together.

It is a little weird not having all of our Christmas decorations out but we have done other things around the house and I think that makes up for the lack of Christmas decorations. I guess you can call me Scrooge, even though I really am in the "Christmas Spirit."

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  1. White Christmas is totally my favorite! We watch it every year.