Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

I know I've posted about grocery shopping numerous times before but I'm doing it again. I tried the grocery game and it just didn't work for us. We are pretty brand loyal and only eat a handful of processed foods so it makes it difficult to use coupons.

I've also mentioned before that I HATE grocery shopping. I talk to so many women that enjoy it but I really hate it. I think it's partially because I'm working full time and don't have time to get the best deals at all of the stores. It kills me every time I put something in my basket that I know I could find cheaper somewhere else.

Last week I got our grocery bill down to $71 and I was SO excited! Usually it ranges from $90 to $100. Realistically 90 - 100 bucks really isn't that bad considering it includes all three meals for at least 5 days, on average. That's about 9 - 10 bucks a day per person in our house. Not too shabby but with the prospect of me staying home with baby for at least the first 5 months my goal is to cut that bill.

I've been doing a lot of internet searching and have some pretty good sites. One of them is This is not just a site for moms she has a lot of really cool links for values and coupons. Right now she is giving away coupons that are good for a year's worth of Tide cool water detergent. I LOVE Tide and am doing everything I can to get as many submissions into this giveaway. If you too want your chance at a free year of Tide Cool Water Detergent go to this link on the Mommy Snacks blog.

I'll be sharing some more of the sites I find as I determine if they are really useful for our family or not. Are there any sites you use that you'd like to share?


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  2. I'm with ya! I hate grocery shopping!

  3. me three...........! If I go shopping I want it to be for something FUN! Not groceries.