Monday, January 11, 2010

Gotta' Get Prepared

My goal is to be ready for baby by the first of February, well as ready as I can be that is. One step to getting ready is getting our bags packed for the hospital. I was tempted to buy a prepacked bag when I saw a link to BabyMeBags' super cute bags on Droolicious the other day.

How cute are they?

Super cute but definitely not spending $189.99.

I also saw this super cute "Phases of Labor" kit on Droolicious a few days earlier.
These kits are both super cute but have elements that I just don't see us using.

Jen of Mommy Brain posted a list of things she used and didn't use which has been super useful. You can check it out here.

What were some of your labor bag/post-delivery bag/baby bag essentials? What did you think was useless? I'll update you on my bag as soon as I start packing it :)

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  1. yes a robe and slippers are a must. Hospitals are soooo cold. Definitely for when you are in labor and maybe walking around a little bit slippers will keep your feet warm. And a robe just for warmth and to cover the hospital gown:)