Monday, May 10, 2010

Manic Monday: Utilizing Your Freezer

When I was working full time we wasted so much food. I was too busy to plan our meals out well enough that we would have just enough food for the week or that the portions that I was buying wouldn't go to waste. When we would have hamburgers for dinner I would buy hamburger buns, of course. We'd use two of them and then the rest usually went to waste. It's a horrible thing to think of now but that's the way it was. I'll admit that I was wasteful. I had the intentions of using the buns again but things just never lined up right.

Now that I'm staying home and really desire to continue to do so, I am so much more cautious about portions and using up what we already have. One thing that I have really started to utilize is our freezer. We made hamburgers the other night so I pulled out the buns we would use and froze the rest. The great thing about frozen bread is that it doesn't take very long to defrost. Ralphs had Foster Farms chicken, buy one get one free, so I stocked up and froze the chicken that we wouldn't use right away.Some of you may be thinking, "Duh!" but seriously my mom always did this but for some reason I never did.

I was searching the other day about freezing food and came across this article from the NY Times. Basically it gives the run down of what you can freeze and how to freeze it.

I'm so inspired to make larger portions of some dinners and try freezing them in smaller portions for lunch on the go or a quick dinner. I hate buying fast food or processed food, so if I can make larger dinner portions and freeze the leftovers I will always have something healthy for dinner waiting for me in my freezer. I'm not sure how we'll like it or how it will go but I'm gonna give it a go.

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